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Dr Provost has published over 120 papers and made many presentations at International Textile and Digital Printing Conferences.


Some relevant papers are listed on digital ink jet printing which will help in bringing you up to date with ink jet technology and textile ink jet printing.

The list will be updated with review and "white paper" position papers on the latest technologies and market trends in industrial ink jet printing on a frequent basis.

Dr Provost is writing on a regular basis for Digital Textile Magazine published by WTin on all aspects of developments of DIgital Textile Printing.

A typical copy of Digital Textile Magazine (Issue 3 2009) can be found at this link .


 A list of papers published in Digital Textile Magazine can be found at this link


A new Article on "Print Heads for Digital Textile Printing" and a paper on the Thermodynamics of the Disperse dye-sub Printing Process, have recently been added.

Provost Digital Textile Disperse Transfer Printing-Thermodynamics of the Process

Print Heads for Digital Textile Printing

 Ink Jet Printing on Textiles

Pretreatment of Textiles for Ink Jet Printing - Ink and Textile interactions with practical recipes

Quick Response to Sampling with Digital Textile Printing

Interactions of Digital Inks with Textile and Paper Substrates in Ink Jet Printing

Textile Ink jet printing with Pigment Inks

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